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5 Steps To A Nervous Breakdown Before You're 30! – The Craic Den

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5 Steps To A Nervous Breakdown Before You're 30!


Wondering what are some of the best ways to ensure you reach the pinnacle of stress and burnout before you're 30? 

Although there are many approaches, here are The Craic Den's 5 best steps you can take to ensure you're pulling your hair out and crying into your glass of Gin in no time! 

1: Side Hustles

5 steps to a nervous breakdown before 30

Okay, so you already have an overworked underpaid corporate job. Great. There's no communication from management and a brilliant toxic work culture. What next?

Watch too many YouTube and Tiktok videos about starting a side hustle and get lured in.

A "Side Hustle" is a loss making, stroke inducing online business that'll ensure you burnout in no time at all.

The stress of becoming a creator, marketer, product developer, customer service agent, tax advisor, financial officer and social media manager for no money at all, will almost certainly make you hit that mid life crisis a decade early.

2: Post Perfectionism


No one else is posting honest updates on their social media profiles, so why should you? Post carefully crafted, edited and heavily filtered photos of you and your other half smiling. 

Deep down you both hate eachother, but that doesnt matter for the Gram. 

Post smiling happy updates of work projects and nights out and document as much of your life as you can. Just ensure to a false perception of it all, because in reality you've no idea what you are doing and are dead inside. 

3: Sort Your Finances

Even just trying to consider the financial advice out there will make your head explode. 

Remember, you need to be paying rent, but saving for a mortgage, along with contributing to your pension, investing in Crypto and funding your side hustle. 

Oh yeah and food. Forgot about that for a second. 

4: Build A Personal Brand


It's not enough to have a CV. Or a proven track record or a PhD.

You must have a carefully thought out and considered personal brand. 

What's your niche, who could you align with or collab with? What causes are you going to champion. What's your colour pallet? Tone of voice? Your 60 second 1 liner to explain every single aspect of your entire identity.

Don't you have a blog? A podcast? A website? A coffee van working out of a horse cart? 

Get to work on your personal brand and welcome a crippling sense of identity crisis in no time! 

5: Rise Early


Become an early riser and get up a 5am every day for the rest of your life. And if you don't, then shame and guilt yourself for weeks on end. 

You'll be medically exhausted in no time and the mental pressure you place yourself under will be sure to break you in no time at all. 


Who do you know that needs some inspiration for their early breakdown? Share this article with them and help them along the way!