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8 Of The Best Very Demotivating Quotes – The Craic Den

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8 Of The Best Very Demotivating Quotes

Sometimes in life you just need some very demotivating and uninspiring quotes to help get you through the day. 

They're more honest and realistic. 

Balance is crucial and there are far too many influencers who used to bully you in school now posted up positive messages about life when you know they are cheating on their significant other. 

Here are 8 of the best demotivational quotes for you to enjoy. 

1: If At First You Don't Succeed Quit. Then Pints. 

very demotivating quotes

2: Don't Cry Because It's Over. Cry Because You Ruined It. 

3: Don't Let Your Past Hold You Back. Your Flaws Will Do That Instead.

4: Nothing Bad Happens In Our Comfort Zones. So Stay There. It's Nice. 

5: Everything Happens For A Reason. Usually The Reason Is Because You're An Idiot. 

6: Life Is Like Karaoke. You're Doing It Terribly. And Usually Drunk. 

7:  The Harder I Work The More Exhausted I Get. 

8: If You Give It 100% You Still Might Fail. 

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