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REVEALED: How Goal Setting Can Help You Become A FAILURE! – The Craic Den

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REVEALED: How Goal Setting Can Help You Become A FAILURE!

goal setting failure plan

The most powerful thing a goal can do is tell you exactly how and when to feel like a failure. 

I want to share with you some of the secrets of goal setting that you can use today, to ensure that you feel worthless and achieve nothing! 

1: Clarify

goal setting failure plan

Vague goals are hard to fail at because you've no real idea of what it is you're trying to achieve.

How do you know if and when you have failed if you have no idea where the finish line is? This is mistake number 1. You need to set a clear goal in the future. On a specific date.

Deadlines are crucial to work towrads because they focus the mind on the failed task at hand.

Whether it is losing weight, earning more money, finding love or changing careers, set a date in the future for when you want it to happen and as if almost by magic, you'll be sure to fail.

2: Fail Big

goal setting failure plan

Life is too short for thinking small, so set big ambitions goals to fail at. The great thing about big goals, is that they get you excited for the life you could have if they were achieved. 

How much better would your life be with more money, being fitter, not dying alone? Amazing. 

These big goals will bring you to new heights of excitement, making the crushing failing that much worse. 

3: Overwhelm Yourself

goal setting failure plan

Goal Setting can get you excited about changing all the areas of your life you're not happy with. You want to change your health situation. Sure why not change your finances too. And your relationships.

Write down all these huge life changing goals you think you should be working towards. Then set a list of daily actions that it would take to achieve them all.

Then just spend 1 week trying to live this impossible new life. Then have a breakdown. 


That is the main thing you can get from goal setting. An exact date and time to let you know you haven't achieved what you set out to achieve. A crushing blow alright. 

Share this with someone who needs to set some big failure goals.